Can I Just Have A Moment

Hey Beauties ~

I started these post back in February and have posted them on our Instagram Business Page but recently I have decided that I want to start a blog and why not start here. So Can I Just Have A Moment?

Kaila & Co. Beauty started after I woke up with bad seasonal allergies on a Saturday morning. I had just gotten my eyelash extensions done the night before and I rubbed out $100 worth of lashes (lol). After that the wheels started turning in my head. Kaila and I started talking. She shared her dreams, we started brainstorming, and that following Monday Kaila & Co. Beauty was born. 

Did we know what we were doing? No! But we knew what we wanted to do and I took the necessary steps in that direction. Did we make mistakes? Hell yes! A lot of mistakes but we learned from them and kept going! There was no business plan. Our business plan and ideas were in our heads and notes on our phones (lol).

This new birth started the end of March 2018 and we launched Kaila & Co. Beauty LLC with 3 styles of too many Luxury Lashes on June 4th 2018. Remember I said there were a lot of mistakes, we took a lot of L's, and wasted a lot of money. Knowing what we know now, we could have saved so much money, and a lot of things would have been done differently but we have no regrets and a little over 2 years in business we are still going and growing!

We now have 20 lash styles, a beautiful eyeshadow pallet, and other cosmetics such as lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils.

There's no stopping us. Its only UP from here!

Keep your eye on the prize, learn from your mistakes, learn new things, and never give up!

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  • The key in this messages is that you never gave up. When you learn from your mistakes you grow and you get better. Thanks for sharing. You have truly been an inspiration to me and I am sure you have been an inspiration to others. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless as you prosper in business of making women Beautiful.

    Michelle Cornelious

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